Online learning has made a major impact in the world of education. Recent studies show that online learning is an effective and reputable way to earn a college degree. Researchers from Cornell University discovered that “the web provides significant new functionality in transmitting information to the student and providing forums for exchange.”


The U.S. Department of Education conducted an online learning study from 1996-2008 and found that “students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction” and that students who mix online learning with traditional coursework (i.e. blended learning) do even better. A more recent 2010 authoritative study that analyzed 20 years of research on the topic showed that in 70 percent of the cases, students taking courses by distance education outperformed their student counterparts in the traditionally instructed courses.

For 35 years, Taft University has been the premier provider of distance education in America, and has helped people balance work, life and education. From associate, bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees to certificates and single courses, Taft University offers programs that fit everyone‟s lifestyle and career interests.


Vision: To bring high quality, affordable American university education to the people of Hong Kong and China.


Mission: To provide opportunities for people in Hong Kong and China to obtain a quality US education and degree without having to leave their home country.


Degree Programs Offered:

Business Administration: BBA, MBA, DBA

Taxation: M.S.T (Master of Science in Taxation)

Education: M.Ed, Ed.D

Law: JD (Juris Doctor), LL.M (Masters of Law)


Other Programs:

In addition to degree programs, Charter Management Association (CMA) offers certificate training programs in a wide range of business subjects such as leadership, strategic planning, management skills, sales, marketing, franchising, customer service, entrepreneurship, etc. These programs are offered in collaboration with Global Management Group, a premier consulting and training organization with over 25 years of experience in the East and the West (www.globalmanagemengroup.com).


ü You can get a high-quality education and degree from America without leaving your home or giving up your job or family.


ü We provide the same quality education at a lower tuition than you could get directly from Taft University. This is due to a special arrangement between the University and CMA for the Hong Kong/China market.


ü William Howard Taft University is accredited by the Distance Education Training Council (DETC) based in Washington DC. The DETC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally accrediting agency, and is also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Founded in 1926, the DETC now sets the standard for all online educational institutions.


ü Taft has an outstanding business school named after the famous Dr. Edwards Deming, the founder of Total Quality Management. Getting a degree from the Deming Business School (DBS) is indeed more prestigious than from just any other online US university. At DBS, its not just about education; its about a quality education!


ü Taft‟s Law School is America's oldest nationally accredited distance learning law school.


ü We have experienced and highly qualified faculty in all fields of study: business administration, education and law. You have direct one-to-one online access to the faculty who supervises your course.


ü Additionally, Taft‟s exclusive local partner CMA provides tutoring services in Hong Kong if you need them. A major goal of tutoring is to help you understand and finish assignments and projects on time so that you can complete the program quickly. The tutoring services include offering assistance to master‟s and doctoral students in completing their theses and dissertations. Furthermore, Taft‟s expert faculty in the US can help you publish your research in peer-reviewed conferences and international journals. This is a service that no other university offers!


ü Our flexible schedules are designed to fit your busy life.


ü Our admission requirements are flexible and take into account your personal background and circumstances – e.g. in some programsTOEFL is not required if you can show at least a C‟ in high school English comprehension. Furthermore, GMAT or GRE is not required for entry into our graduate business or education programs.


ü We provide academic credit for your prior work experience or training.



ü If you are motivated and use CMA‟s tutoring services, you can obtain a degree in the shortest time possible – minimum 1 year for MBA and 2 years for DBA. Normally, it would take at least 2 years to complete a traditional MBA program and at least 4-5 years to complete a typical doctoral program in business in the United States.


ü Our graduates have pursued successful teaching, government and executive careers in the U.S. and other countries. Others have built successful enterprises using the knowledge they obtained from Taft University.


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